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This moment is from SJ 5th year Anniversary Party.

Donghae picked a question and it was, “What’s Eunhyuk to Donghae?”
Donghae answered that Eunhyuk’s someone who he can’t explain in words. 
Then, Siwon got mad and grabbed Donghae’s collar. Siwon asked him, “then, what about me?”
Leeteuk said that it’s time for Donghae to choose between Eunhyuk and Siwon. 
Siwon told Leeteuk to give him a chance to say something before Donghae makes the decision.
Eunhyuk said, “Siwon, are you getting nervous? Eunhae’s the real deal.” 
Siwon then said, “Eunhyuk can’t take care of Donghae. I have the ability ot take care of Donghae forever.” 
Donghae felt like he was in a difficult situation and said he would rather die. 
In the end, Donghae couldn’t choose, so Eunhyuk and siwon became a couple:D (X)

0:12 -Am I  the only one who hear teuk’s voice?!?(*δ◇δ*)


Leeteuk will soon take part in a SM hoobae’s variety show.

Kang Hodong is Leeteuk’s hoobae.

Kang Hodong joined SM later than SJ so SJ once joked abt how Hodong is their hoobae *

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Eunhyuk instagram update:

DH: this is donghae instagram..updating..

EH: *laughs*

DH: lets go..ELF..lets go

EH: I wish the phone would blow up


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