140930 Sukira - Kangin call out to Eunhyuk:

*Kangin said recently there’s a member that does not pick up his phone calls at all

-calling out to hyuk-

*Kangin asked Eunhyuk to introduce himself.

Eunhyuk: I think our Kiss family knows who I am when they heard my voice~

Kangin: Our KISS family

*Hyuk: Hyung r u eating candy or something cause I kept hearing the 쩝쩝 sound


*Hyuk called back,kangin was like “PD nim,eunhyuk calls me again what to do”

Ending phone call to Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk suddenly said “KISS family, tomorrow we…” about to say ending line.. Kangin immediately stopped Eunhyuk and said “No~ No~ I should be the one saying this” “hahaha Let’s listen to MAMACITA”

Kangin asked Hyuk to introduce MAMACITA by imitating another person. After Hyuk doing that then Kangin went ” (go to) sleep, 임마”

cr: elf_ninida,ButtsBonbon 

“ Chocolate BonBon- Eunhyuk says they are filming MV for the follow up track next week! ”

— Cr :the_chess

@/special1004..this is how you should ride a bicycle..

Listener told Eunhyuk to say "Saranghae"

Best fan award goes to ELF